Evolution Firewood

Kiln dried Firewood & Naturally Seasoned logs

At Evolution Firewood we pride ourselves on selling the very best products.

Our firewood comes from trees that have been felled or Pruned by Branching Out Tree Services when managing Trees and Woodlands for Land owners and Home owners around the Staffordshire and Cheshire area.

Customer Reviews

We have been using this company for 2 years and they are very professional they arrive when stated and the logs are fab saves us putting the heating on and with the rise of gas and electric is very price efficient.


I have been using Evolution Firewood for many years and always pleased with the quality of the wood and great value for money. 


I only need to use one fire lighter with the kindling bought from Evolution Firewood.

Really good value for money.


With energy costs rising you can be sure I will be using my log burner more often and I’ll be sure to make my order soon to be stocked up for winter.